12 Days Of Mele Kalikimaka

It’s about that time of the year when we hang up the lights, pull out the stockings and decorate the tree, that’s right it’s Christmas.

This Holiday we will be doing something a little special for all you. In the spirit of the holidays we will be celebrating the 12 days of Christmas. We’ve all heard the song growing up here in Hawai’i, you know the one with Tutu and the 5 big fat pigs. Well instead of Tutu giving out pounds of poi & ukuleles, we decided we do our own rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas & we will be calling it the 12 DAYS OF MELE KALIKIMAKA. 

The 12 days from December 7th till December 18th will consist of Festive Gifts. Each day we will be featuring a special item at the price of the day starting from 12. So for example, on the 12th day of Christmas we will have 1 special item available for 12$, on the 11th day of Christmas we will have another special item available for 11$, on the 10th day of Christmas a new special item will be 10$ and so on, until we reach the 1st day of Christmas.

We hope this will encourage the spirit of giving more to the ones we hold close to us and even to the ones who are just entering our lives. Good luck shopping, happy holidays and have a Merry Christmas.


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