Ku Floral Board Shorts Release

Aloha Friday Ohana! Tomorrow (2/28 @ 12 A.M. HST) we will be releasing our #DefendHawaii “Ku Floral” 4-way stretch board shorts in the limited edition White color way. Releasing exclusively online @ shop.defendhawaii.com

Available in limited sizes from 28-42, the “Ku Floral” board shorts have a very comfortable fit perfect for any activity. Support Local & Defend Hawaii!



Weekend Recap VII

Aloha Ohana, welcome back to Defend Hawaii and our weekly Weekend Recap. This weekend started out smooth, Friday, we got our first delivery for the Defend Hawaii Spring 2015 collection that will surface online and in all stores sometime this week. After shipments we made our way towards Next Door in Downtown Honolulu too support Bone Kaneshiro and the 5 Year Tribute to Japanese Hip-Hop producer Nujabes. Performing live were some awesome local acts like CNRBOY, Omega Cixx & Defend Hawaii representatives Broke Mokes. nextdoor-12nextdoor-24

Broke Mokes representing Defend Hawaii & Restless Kids Hawaii during their live performance. Be sure to check these local boys out as they represent for the 808!


Shing02 headlined this past Fridays show holding it down for the late Nujabes. nextdoor-16

An awesome photo taken by Honolulu Pulse Magazine of our ohana Chris & Honey Bunch. It looks like they may be rocking some exclusive Defend Hawaii & Restless Kids apparel. Just maybe…..


Screen shot 2015-02-23 at 4.46.35 PM

Saturday was just another beautiful day in Hawaii Nei. Photo taken by Defend Hawaii advocate @hanapaahoundz.

Now we roll into the early mornings of Sunday… If you were in Kalihi that morning as well as this morning, you must already know about all the commotion. Early Sunday morning two gentleman were shot and killed by an unknown suspect. And then at 5 a.m. this morning two keiki and an older women were stabbed by another unknown suspect. (they are on their way to recovery) Prayers go out  to all the ohanas that are being affected by these injustices. What is going on Hawaii? Why is violence breaking out like this in our streets? What happened to hand too hand resolutions, where is the aloha? I hope the culprits are brought to justice for their lack of compassion and understanding of life. This is not a way to Defend Hawaii. But paradise isn’t always calm breeze and palm trees. There is a lot more going on here than meets the eye. This leaves us to hope for a more aloha-filled week and weekend. Keep the aloha alive ohana and don’t let negativity bring you down.



Hawaii Senate Panel to Consider GMO Labeling?

The Fight against GMOs in Hawaii is still an uphill battle for the people but it finally seems like our senate realizes what our people want. “The people of Hawaii have a right to know what’s in the food they eat,” said Health Committee Chairman Josh Green in a statement. “If the people want to know if there are GMOs in their food, then the Legislature should follow their will and pass a simple and effective labeling system.” This is a statement said by someone who must have heard our peoples voices. Lets re-visit a time where we sat down with Defend Hawaii Advocate Dustin Barca.

After watching the above video, if you would like to no more on the issue of GMOs head over to CivilBeat and start from there. Continue to Defend Hawaii and Aloha!

POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015

POW! WOW! Hawaii celebrated its fifth year anniversary this February between the 7th and the 14th. pwh15_roster_featurePOW! WOW! Hawaii made its return this year for their 5th anniversary. I have got to say from what I have seen, this years POW! WOW! looked amazing. A lot of art that showcased Native Hawaiian and Modern Hawaiian culture. Last years POW! WOW! was a little more California Beach Boy esque where as this year I could really feel the natural vibes flowing through the air.

Above you can preview uncut footage from Pow Wow Hawaii 2015. It gives a more lively essence of the sounds and sights of Pow Wow and what it’s like walking around Kakaako. Video created by YouTube user Blendski1.

Be sure to make your way towards Kakaako sometime when you happen to be in the area. There is a lot of amazing artwork from amazing artists that come from all parts of globe. As well as amazing artwork from local artists that call Hawaii home.


Iron MC Hi – Support Local Artists


Last night was the finals for the Iron MC Hi battles brought to you by The Republik & Bacardi. An awesome event that showcased local talent and pushed the voice of the local people. A competition that started off with 12 contestants and trickled down to a top 4. Last night the top 4 MCs battled it out song for song in a race for the grand prize of 1000$ and all the respectfully earned bragging rights as Hawaii’s IRON MC.

mc40First off BIG MAHALO to the ohana @clownin808 rocking our “City Of Aloha” design during last nights battles at the Iron MC Hi Finals.

mc2210926378_846931498725189_2709217080495136727_nThis energetic, wild performer goes by the name of Kwalified representing the WORKHOUSE ohana. You can tell by the look in his eyes that Kwalified gives nothing but his all during any of his live performances. I have seen it first hand, many times and each time the energy grows. Kwalified was the wildcard emcee that got the fourth spot in the finals. Though Kwali didn’t take the crown, I am sure of it, that everyone in attendance last night will remember this monstrous performers name. Say it with me now, KWALIFIED! Check out his track “Black ECW” which he performed during last nights performance.



mc3510984266_846932805391725_3293756020283435476_nThis MC goes by the name of J Shiu representing the OTE ohana. J Shiu has been grinding relentlessly to prove his spot as a top MC in Hawaii’s Hip-Hop scene. And thats exactly what J Shiu has proved over the past 4 weeks. The westside local boys swagger on stage and smooth demeanor captivates the crowd with ease. From the moment he grips the microphone, he’s cool, calm and collective, even when things can get a little bit heated. (You’d know what I am talking about if you came to last weeks Semi Final round for the Iron MC Hi) J Shiu came up short from a victory but as long as this young local boy keeps grinding his time to shine will surly come. Check out J Shiu’s latest release titled “Far Alone” a cover he released through his soundcloud.


10421456_846930878725251_2477259680547943033_nNow this young MC goes by the name of Rob Mizo also repping the OTE ohana. All I can say is wow, Mizo killed it every week from start to finish. I have to be honest, I wasn’t to sure about Mizo when week 1 started but he proved me wrong over and over again. Rob Mizo got the passion, style and substance of a great MC. Tatted on his body he shows his pride in his culture and passions. Engrained in his lyrics he showcases his pride and passions even further. To the way he handled every obstacle that came his way during each week proved that Rob Mizo is here to make a mark in Hawaii Hip-Hop history. Making it to the Final round in the Finals, Mizo was very close to victory. Though it fell short of his reach, all I can say is Mizo keep pushing and perfecting your craft. Your’e an Iron MC, you proved that last night! Mizo doesn’t have any current solo tracks to my knowledge but below is a cypher where Rob starts the momentum with his OTE ohana.


1532029_846933705391635_4880772439098640912_nAlright so this MC right here goes by the name of Punahele, representing Makaha and all of the Westside. First of congratulations to the first ever IRON MC in Hawaii. Punahele proved that he was here for the crown since week 1. Coming out on top every week, Punahele is a force to be reckoned with. From knowledge of the culture, freestyling, battling other MCs and even himself, Punahele proved why he was crowned 2015s Iron MC. MCs, spectators even his haters if he has any, have to give it up to this talented MC. Vulgar language and comedy with a twist of knowledge, ad-libbing himself during his sets with random CHEE-HUUS, throwing the Shaka high in the sky, speaking Hawaiian in-between transitions, Punahele is the epitome of a Hawaiian MC. He definitely made every week very enjoyable to attend. I am very excited to see whats next for this young Kanaka, all I know is that he is going to take Hawaii with him wherever the road of success takes him. Take a listen to an older track from the IRON MC Punahele titled “Bed of Nails” and stay posted for more releases from the young kanaka.



(All Photos taken by Honolulu Pulse & Jarett Blake)