Louis Smolka & Russell Doane Signature Shirts


Louis Smolka is a UFC Flyweight athlete. With his next bout coming up at #UFC189 on July 11th in Las Vegas against Ireland’s Neil Seery, Defend Hawaii is releasing this Louis Smolka collaboration signature tee. Pre-Sale is available now, release date is scheduled for July 7th.

image1RussellDoane_HeadshotRussell Doane is a UFC Bantamweight athlete. With his next bout coming up at TUF Finale 21 on July 12th in Las Vegas against Jerrod Sanders, Defend Hawaii is releasing this Russell Doane collaboration signature tee. Pre-Sale is available now, release date is scheduled for July 7th.


#SupportLocalAthletes #DEFENDHAWAII


Oahu residents – A “Will-Call” will be available at Windward Mall’s KNOW1 store July 7th thru July 11th, all those who choose to pick-up their tees will be immediately refunded their shipping cost, as well as not dealing with the hassle of shipping time. However, you are more than gladly allowed to choose for it to be shipped instead

Off-Oahu residents – Your product(s) will be delivered for shipping out of Oahu on the scheduled release date of July 7th. If there are any changes, you will be notified by email as soon as such changes are confirmed.

Defend Tradition with Keone Nunes

Sunday, June 28th, 2015. We made our way west towards Wai’anae, Oahu to visit our good friend Keone Nunes. For those who are unfamiliar with the name, Keone is leading the forefront and total revival of the ancient tradition of Hawaiian Kakau (tattoo).


“How many things can you participate in today that you can honestly say is the same  as two thousand years ago? Once the individual lies down on the mat, what they’re  feeling is exactly the same as what their ancestors felt.” 

SONY DSCThat sound of the tattoo is the sound of our ancestors. That sound of the tattoos is the whispers of our ancestors that come through the wind, that you don’t really understand until you actually see it.”

SONY DSC“I am listening to the tools, they’re letting me know how to use them properly. I never think that I am talented, it’s the tools that are talented. They teach me, they constantly teach me.”

SONY DSC“Sooner or later I won’t be here but this practice will always live on”


Ku Kiai Mauna

5 a.m. Wednesday morning on top of Mauna Kea, 700+ protectors banned together in a mission to halt construction on the Thirty Meter Telescope project set to resume construction that morning. After many hours of standing their ground, the tide turned in favor for the Aloha ‘Aina movement and all of Hawaii. The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources informed the hundreds of Protectors that officers and TMT workers will be turning around and no longer asking anyone to leave, nor will they make any further arrests. Though the battle was won there is still a long war ahead for all us Defenders, metaphorically speaking.

Below is a link that takes you over to Hawaii News Now, where you can watch an emotional video shot by journalist Mileka Lincoln. She has been covering the Mauna Kea story for sometime now, bringing all of us live updates and honest coverage. Mahalo to Mileka and all the Aloha ‘Aina warriors standing up an Defending Hawaii!



Also visit ‘Oiwi TV for live coverage direct from Mauna Kea.


Hawai’i vs TMT

Last month, Hawaii Gov. David Ige announced his support for building the TMT, saying the project has the right to proceed. University of Hawaii President David Lassner and UH Hilo Chancellor Donald Straney said they were prepared to move quickly to implement changes to management of the mountain. Now construction is set to resume Wednesday on the Thirty Meter Telescope on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea.


The movement “Sacred Mauna Kea Hui” will be present Wednesday (as they have for many months) in an attempt to hault construction.

TMT demonstrators rest

(Photo taken by Cory Lum of Civil Beat)

The good men and women a part of Sacred Mauna Kea Hui had a few things to say regarding the event that will be happening tomorrow.

“SMKH reaffirms strongly, proudly and with all aloha our commitment to reinforce the blockade and continue to pursue legal routes while being forced to protect the Mauna with our bodies.”

“SMKH strongly feels that many laws have been circumvented that make UH, DLNR, the State of Hawaii and the TMT project disparagingly liable for breach of law and legal processes and with the Supreme Court case confirmed that it would be illegal, immoral and unethical for the TMT project and its supporters to disallow the full and entire process of law to run its course regardless of the Governor’s relinquishing of responsibility in giving the OK for the TMT project to move forward.”

Salute to all the individuals who are on the mountain at this moment. Defending the land and culture. Stay strong and know that even though not all of us can be there physically, we are there spiritually.



Tattoo Artist Contest Round 2!

TATTOO CONTEST JAPAN 2Our first one in June was a hit! We started off with american traditional tattoo and now we are onto our next event. Japanese Traditional!

4 artists will once again battle head to head in a chance to win $1000 Cash + Prizes from our awesome sponsors Cycle City Ltd. Defend Hawaii HI Renaissance Tattoo & Supply and Eternal Ink

4 Lucky people will be given FREE tattoos! These tattoos will be decided by a team and then chosen from a hat. They person getting them does not get to pick the tattoo however the do get to choose placement.

As always the 1st 150 people will be fed FREE food which will be Japanese / Asian style. There will be geisha girls and a japanese punk rock band to get you into your ninja mode.

Come down, its all FREE. Celebrate tattoo culture with us, check out some sweet rides and enjoy a day with like minded people from 2pm – 7pm


Best on the Block Week 1 Recap

11535886_711642272274969_550234328848250598_nThis past weekend @ Cycle City was the first week of the Best On The Block Tattoo Artist Contest. 4 Tattoo Artists that specialized in American Traditional Tattoos competed against time and each other. Given their criteria and rules the moment of the contest only 1 could emerge as the victor.

IMG_0147We got things started bright and early, setting up the brand new Defend Hawaii Pop-Up tent.

IMG_0149Boss man setting up the banners before we set things off!

Best on the Block 06.20 Above are the 4 Artists that got selected for the American Traditional Category. Each artist brought something unique to the table and show offed their skills impressively.

IMG_0228Lil Chris was 1 of the 4 artists to bless the competition.

FullSizeRenderLil Chris getting his canvas ready!IMG_0224The final product completed by Lil Chris

IMG_0229Brian Rios was 1 of the 2 artists that were selected by us here @ Defend Hawaii.

IMG_0174Brian in the zone, envisioning his masterpiece.IMG_0226The final product completed by Brian Rios

IMG_0227The 2 artist to get selected by the Defend Hawaii team was tattoo artist Keir aka Unomaser

IMG_0173Tunnel Vision. Unomaser is focused and going for the win

FullSizeRendersThe final product completed by Unomaser

IMG_0230The 4th Tattoo Artist that was selected was the elegant Lydia.IMG_0182Lydia gets things started off right rocking that Defend Hawaii lanyard! IMG_0225The final product completed by Lydia


IMG_0207And the Winner for the first “Best On The Block” tattoo artist contest was Lydia. Congratulations Girl! Continue to pursue your career as an artist and continue to represent!

That concludes the first “Best On The Block” contest. The next contest will be July 11th, this time the artist will have to specialize in Japanese style tattoos. Be on the look out as we continue to promote for the upcoming contest. And if you or know anyone that would fit well in this contest. Send them over this way!


Best on the Block


The “Best on the Block” SUMMER TATTOO SERIES hosted by PIAE | Full Throttle Tattoo & Cycle City features the best tattoo artists in their respective style and element all in one location competing for a prize purse of $1000 cold hard cash + prizes!

Each month of summer represents a new tattoo genre in which we are throwing a big party featuring food and culture that relates to that genre ALL FOR FREE! This entire event is a lead up to the Pacific Ink & Art Expo in which a grand prize winner at the show will receive $5000 and here’s how it works!

JUNE 20th: As American as apple pie and the statue of liberty, we put the best tattoo artists in the Americana / Traditional skillets in one room battling it out against one another as the clock races down. One winner goes home with $1000 in pocket and bragging rights along with some sweet prizes. The public gets to come down for FREE and the first 150 people get FREE FOOD. BBQ style in good old american fashion. Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and soft drinks. Did we mention there will be some sampling of delicious liquor and beer from the Coors & Miller Ohana as well as Sailor Jerry Rum? We also may have forgot to mention there will be a rock band rocking your socks while this all goes down. So yeah… you better tell a friend and bring 5 cause this is gonna rock.

TATTOO SHOW OFF COMPETITION: Do you have a traditional tattoo? Bring it on down because YOU CAN WIN TOO! Our sponsors will be giving away gift bags with cool swag to take home and you will be featured online and in our hearts!



Tattoo Artist Contest



The #PIAE, Defend Hawaii, Full Throttle Tattoo Hawaii, and Cycle City Ltd. are hosting three separate tattoo contests, that will offer hefty prizes as well as an advancement to a Winner’s Round at this year’s Pacific Ink & Art Expo!! Mark your calendars, first round isJUNE 20TH.
DEFEND HAWAII is looking for TWO quality TATTOO ARTISTS to compete in each round where the winner will receive $1,000.00 CASH, an Eternal Ink sponsorship, and a Defend Hawaii Design Contract + Prize Pack. The category for Round 1 is AMERICANA/TRADITIONAL. Special guest judges will differ each round, along with all the grindz (food) that will be available during each event.
Contest Rules: Artists will be given a 4-hour time frame to draw AND complete the tattoo. Details will vary per round, but will be based on category. Three judges will watch start to end and give final tallies to announce contest’s winner on stage.
If you consider yourself a fine tattoo artist, or know someone who is, have them apply to us at contact@defendhawaii.com by submitting at least 3 examples of hand drawn sketches, 3 examples of completed tattoos, and a list of your/their social medias! With this much up for grabs, you’ll want to be a part of this! 5 lucky artists will selected out of all entries, and we’ll hold a special social media vote to select the TWO that will compete onJune 20th for the americana/traditional round.
Special Thanks to Eternal Ink, HI Renaissance Tattoo Supply, and Sailor Jerry!

Arts in Motion VII

Today local R&B/Reggae artist Kaipo Kapua released his brand new single “Revenge”. Once I got the time to listen to this smooth record, I knew it sounded familiar and I was right. Back in 2008, before the fancy studios and flashy lights, the young hawaiian released a live rendition of the song titled “Revenge” on his personal youtube account. It was a great song back then and now its an even greater song that is now available in High Quality on iTunes.


iTunes : Kaipo Kapua – Revenge 

   I have take the liberty in adding the ’08 rendition of Kaipos song as well. I feel like this one still an awesome version being that its the first time I heard him perform this song.

Good job and congratulations on the release Kaipo, continue to put out good music and continue to show the world Hawaii got talent. And for all our readers who enjoy good local music. Be sure to support local artists like Kaipo Kapua.