World Oceans Day

This year Defend Hawaii got to sponsor and support the awesome people at T&C Surf for the 2015 Grom Contest. The best weather on the planet with sunny skies, breezy trades and 1-3 foot surf greeted this year’s competitors for the 18h Annual T&C Surf / Surfer Magazine Grom Contest. The event drew 325 participants, ages 3 to 12 from across the Hawaiian Islands, making this year’s event the highest turn out to date and furthering the company’s mission of offering more children the experience and bliss of a surf contest.

Today is World Ocean Day. World Oceans Day, held every June 8th, is the United Nations-recognized day of ocean celebration and action. Here in Hawai’i, life on the land and life in the water co-exist. There isn’t a day in Hawai’i you wont be able to see the ocean, even if its for a split second. Recognizing our connection with the ocean comes with a great responsibility. A responsibility to continue respecting our waters and educating the future generations to do the same as those before them. And this is why the T&C Surf Grom Contest is such an important event. A time of fun and games, where parent and child both can experience and appreciate the ocean. A moment where a child creates a bond with the ocean as well as the parent is reminded of their connection with the waters. The ocean provides so much for us. A means of navigation, a source for resources like food and even a playground to many. Let us take a moment to recognize how important our oceans are to our lives. Let us live everyday like its World Oceans Day and lets live everyday with the mentality to Defend Hawaii.


UFC FIGHT NIGHT 68 – Yancy Medeiros

Screen shot 2015-06-05 at 12.55.45 PMLocal boy, Yancy Medeiros faces Dustin Poirier this Saturday for UFC Fight Night 68. The talented Hawaiian enters enemy territory to tangle with the dangerous Louisiana native. The respective styles of both exciting 155-pounders could conceivably produce the Fight of the Night in New Orleans. Good luck Yancy! We are all rooting for you and Hawaii got your back. Continue to strive for greatness and show them how a Westside representative gets down!