Defend Hawaii Labor Day Sale

Defend Hawaii Labor Day Sale

September 5 – 7 only @ ( we will be having our Labor Day Special. FREE SHIPPING for all of our Defenders within the United States, using promo code “LAULIMA”.

And for all of our international Defenders, you will be able to enjoy 25% OFF any order over $50, using promo code “SOFARAWAY”.

This Special will begin September 5th & end on September 7th. Thank you to all our Defenders who participated in our FLASH SALE this past weekend, we appreciate the support.

Revelate EP Release Party

unnamed-1Tonight @ Surfer The Bar, The Late Ones will be celebrating the release for their “Revelate” EP. They will be featuring Broke Mokes & more special guests. This is going to be one great show mixing the positive rhythms of reggae and wavy vibes of hip-hop. Be sure to make your way to Surfer at the Turtle Bay Resort & support local artists!

Become a Defender!


Defenders, we are looking to expand our #DefendHawaii street team.

If you’re someone who strives to preserve the notion, to defend the aloha spirit, the Hawai’i way of life & live everyday like you’re ready to #DefendHawaii. You may be perfect for our #Defenders movement.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the #Defenders movement or have any questions please email us at

Aloha, to all the #Defenders out there who #DefendHawaii daily & mahalo to all of our supporters.

#DefendHawaii #DMAFW #Defenders #TeamDefendHawaii #DontMistakeAlohaForWeakness

Hau`oli L? H?nau Duke Kahanamoku!


August 24th, 1890 Duke Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola Kahanamoku was born at Haleakala. The father of modern surfing, the Waikiki Beach Boy & Ambassador of Aloha has forever made his mark as one of Hawaii’s greatest. Today he would be 125 years old. Wow, his name and story still hold weight as if they were conversations of yesterday. Google even payed tribute to Duke.

Screen shot 2015-08-24 at 4.04.38 PM

Its awesome to see someone like Duke who has made a major impact in Modern Hawaii get the recognition of Google, a corporation that has over a billion users.

As we reminisce and ask both papa & tutu if they have any stories of Duke to share with us, I attached an awesome video of Duke doing what he does best. Keep in mind this film was recorded back in 1939.

Hau`oli L? H?nau Duke! May your legacy live on forever.


Save the unique and historic Ha’ik? Stairs

efEQlRwBNArvpNU-800x450-noPad  The Ha’ik? Stairs were part of a pioneering communications network built during the Second World War. They were repaired in 2002 at a cost to the city of $950,000 but have remained closed ever since. Despite this, the stairs remain legendary to hikers and climbing enthusiasts from all over the world, offering panoramic views of Oahu and a valuable opportunity to study Hawaiian history, culture, as well as native plant and animal life. The Honolulu Board of Water Supply (BWS) owns the land under the stairs and is about to initiate steps to remove this eligible historic structure protected by law. Please sign this petition (using your signature and physical address for maximum impact) to show you support saving the Ha’ik? Stairs. Together, let’s urge the Board of Water supply to work with stakeholders for a managed access plan that would mitigate any further costs to the city, solve illegal hiking problems, and save this world famous and unique piece of history for future generations.

The Honolulu Board of Water supply has stated it is committed to allowing public testimony at open meetings. There is such a meeting scheduled for tomorrow, Monday, August 24, 2015, at 2pm in the Board Room, Public Service Building, 630 South Beretania St, Honolulu. In order to provide testimony you must either register prior to the day of the meeting or fill out a registration form on-site on the day of the meeting. If you are registering in advance, please provide your name, phone number, and subject matter of testimony by one of the following methods: 1) email to 2) fax to (808) 748 5079 3) phone (808) 748 5061, or in person at 630 S. Beretania St, #311. You may also register to testify on-site on the day of the meeting by filling out a registration form. Testimony is limited to three minutes. Written testimony may be emailed to board@hbws.ord of faxed to (808) 748 5079 prior to the day of the meeting for distribution at the meeting. The Friends of Ha?ik? Stairs welcomes people wishing to testify who, like ourselves, believe in protecting the historic Ha?ik? Stairs and its environment for current and future generations. With aloha, the Friends of Ha?ik? Stairs.


Sign the petition here

UFC Fight Night 74 – Max Holloway



There’s good new for Hawaii’s own Max Holloway. He will be headlining UFC Fight Night 74. This featherweight bout will have No.5 ranked Max Holloway fighting against No.7 ranked Charles Oliveira. The two 145-pound fighters have contrasting styles which should make for an intriguing battle. The two fighters have looked spectacular in recent fights. You already know who are rooting for. Who will you be rooting for during UFC Fight Night 74?






Pacific Ink & Art Expo Recap


This past weekend, the 2015 Pacific Ink & Art Expo took place at the Blaisdell Center. A 3 day event that showcased the greatest tattoo artists from around the world and more. Food, entertainment, tattoos, beautiful people, what gets better than that?

I got to cover the final day of the Pacific Ink & Art Expo, enjoy the small recap of what went on this past weekend during Hawaii’s biggest Tattoo Expo.


We were posted up from Friday – Sunday with some awesome exclusive releases like the Defend Hawaii x Keone Nunes collaborations that are now available at



IMG_8361 IMG_8352 IMG_8348

Keone Nunes and ohana held it down for the Hawaiian culture as they always do. P?uhi Pu’u ‘O Hulu, is the sole reason for the re-birth of the ancient tradition of Hawaiian Kakau.



Honey Bunch of 808 Tattoo does her thing with a smile on her face


Good to see Kevin of Loyalty Tattoo at the Expo. He is one of the men responsible for making the PIAE come to life. Mahalo for everything you’re doing.

IMG_8315Caught this young gentleman rocking our exclusive “Iwi Po’o” snapback that has only been released at the Hawaii Tattoo Expo. Be on the look out for its official release.

IMG_8332Richie of Black Cat Tattoo doing his thing putting in that work. Richie was also the winner for Round 2 of the “Best On The Block”. Be sure to follow this artist as he represents for Hawaii!

IMG_8335Kawika of Loyalty Tattoo is in the zone working on this side piece. If you didn’t know Kawika was 1 of 5 artist to compete in Round 3 of the “Best On The Block”competition. Keep on keeping on Kaweeks!

IMG_8366A young defender gazes upon the canvases and artists rocking our “Wild Rebel” raglan.

IMG_8342 IMG_8343

Our fam Q out of House Of Ink been putting in work for a long time and he aint stopping anytime soon. Q was also the winner of Round 3 of the “Best On The Block” competition.


3 legends 1 picture.

And thats that for this years Pacific Ink & Art Expo. This recap is nothing compared to the actual madness the Expo manifested. You had to be there to fully experience the cultural movement. Until next year, we hope you all have a good one and remember to always Defend Hawaii!



Hawaii Elite MMA: 2 Fights In Vegas ft. Louis Smolka & Russell Doane

Check out the special behind the scenes footage produced by Dennis Vollmer & Spencer Lazara featuring Hawaii Elite MMA fighters Louis Smolka & Russell Doane.

Shot on location & Edited by
Skyline Productions (

Produced by Dennis Vollmer & Spencer Lazara

Sponsored by Defend Hawaii, Mentom Eyewear & SKVI underwear

Graphics by
Keyframe Projects (

Special shoutout to the bands who contributed to the soundtrack
Big Macka (
Ebb N Flo (
Bliss N Eso (


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