Holiday 2015 Collection 1

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Destiny Trinity SC 1

Your tickets to DESTINY: Trinity Combat 1 doesn’t just give you entry to an action packed event …but every ticket purchased gets you a chance to win one of many free raffle prizes all you need to do is keep your ticket stub and listen to win. Grand prize includes (3) tickets to Janet Jackson’s World Tour concert (you & 2 guests). Buy your tickets today @ Know1 retail outlet in Windward Mall, your favorite fighter/team, online at www.destiny-mma.comor text (808) 292-0274. See you all Friday. ‪#‎DestinyMma‬ ‪#‎TrinitySC‬‪#‎iTrampoline‬

The main event you definitely don’t want to miss as these guys will put on a fast paced action fight for the vacant Pro Flyweight Title. Ian Delacuesta vs Tyson Nam. See you all tonight. Doors open 6pm, action begins @ 7pm. Tickets available at the door. Be sure to keep your ticket stubs through out the night for your chance to win one of many frwe giveaways including (3) tickets to Janet Jackson’s World Tour concert.


Congratulations Louis Smolka!

This past Saturday, Hawaii Elite MMA Fighter & Team Defend Hawaii representative Louis Smolka went to war against Irelands own Paddy Holohan in UFC Fight Night Dublin.

Smolka was thrust into the spotlight this week after Joseph Duffy suffered a concussion in training and his bout against Dustin Poirier was cancelled. Smolka still had to face the same opponent, but went from opening fight on the main card to main event in a matter of days.

We got to stream Louis’s fight on UFC Fight Pass during our huge KNOW1 blow-out sale. So lets just say the chaos from both the fight and sale gave us the energy we needed to keep our spirits up. Watching Louis do what he does best from an apple computer was good enough for us to support our ohana & watch him bring home the W for his state, his team, his family & himself. Good job Louis, hard work & sacrifice does pay off. Continue to excel in all aspects of life and continue to Defend Hawaii!


Less than two weeks ago, Louis Smolka was traveling to Ireland to kick off the main card for the UFC Fight Night show in Dublin and now he’s in the main event against Paddy Holohan for the show airing on UFC Fight Pass this Saturday.

The original main event was cancelled when Joseph Duffy suffered a concussion in training last week that forced doctors to recommend he was pulled from the fight so his bout with Dustin Poirier was cancelled.

That happened a week after Stipe Miocic suffered an injury forcing the UFC to pull his heavyweight matchup against Ben Rothwell from the card as well.

Smolka and his team were just starting a late night training session in Dublin when Twitter actually broke the news to them that Duffy was out and the UFC card needed a new main event.

“I was training Louis in the training room and I stopped when Louis was warming up so I went on Twitter and I saw someone tweet that (Joseph) Duffy is out and hurt,” Smolka’s coach Charles Kipilii told FOX Sports from Ireland. “That’s how we found out in the training room. The UFC hadn’t called or anything yet.”

The UFC ended up making that call just a few minutes later to inform Smolka that he was getting bumped up the card once again and now his three-round fight with Holohan will serve as the main event of the evening.

“I think I’m still in shock,” Smolka said. “I didn’t really believe it at first. I just thought it was too good to be true. I was like ‘there’s no way we’re main event now, there’s no way’. I was just starting the main card when I came out here and then I went from co-main to main event in a couple of days. It’s crazy. Life does not suck right now.

“It’s pretty amazing. It’s so unexpected. I never thought that this was going to be what happened on my trip. I guess the luck of the Irish is real. I love this place it’s awesome.”

This will be the first UFC main event for both Smolka and Holohan, but the Hawaiian-based flyweight is already embracing his role as the ambassador to sell the show to fans and viewers across the world.

“I’m gonna have to dress up a little bit, put on a suit and tie and pretend to be Conor McGregor to try and sell this,” Smolka said with a laugh. “I’ll start talking and just saying some outlandish stuff.”

All jokes aside, Smolka is genuinely excited to headline his first UFC show, but being the final fight of the night won’t stop him from treating this matchup as business as usual.

He’s been preparing for Holohan for weeks already and the way Smolka plans to win the fight isn’t predicated on when they actually face off on the card.

“It’s the same fight. Nothing changes,” Smolka said. “I’ll just be going out there a little bit later and that locker room will be kind of lonely warming up.”

As for fans who might be feeling a little jaded after losing both the main and co-main event to the card in the last week, Smolka promises for the people who do show up to the arena on Saturday night that he’s going to put on a show with Holohan before putting another loss on his record when it’s all over.

“You have two, young, hungry up and coming fighters and we’re both trying to make a name for ourselves,” Smolka said about the matchup. “We both have identical records, we have almost identical body types, it’s going to be an interesting fight. You’re in for a good old fashioned stick fight since we’re both tall and lanky and I will win by complete, utter and total domination.”

Throwback Thursday – Keone Nunes

Today is our first Throwback Thursday segment. For our first segment we will be throwing it back to the Pacific Ink & Art Expo that happened this past August. We will be focusing on Keone Nunes a Traditonal Kakau Artist that has helped revive the art of Traditional Kakau in the Hawaiian islands.IMG_8298

Defend Hawaii was able to collaborate with the world renown artist on two unique and exclusive designs. First we had the “Maka Uhi”, a portrait oh Keli’i Makua (an apprentice of Keones) after a finished session around his left eye.

(Below is a photo of Keli’i Makua)

IMG_8369The final design by Keone Nunes was the “Alaka’i”. A unique pattern hand drawn by Keone.

We have put together a short recap of Keone during the Pacific Ink & Art Expo available for your viewing below.

Mauna a Wākea update..

The County of Hawaii on Tuesday announced it will not prosecute seven people who were accused of violating the state’s emergency rule that made it illegal to be on Mauna Kea in the overnight hours.

The group, represented by the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation, was arrested on Sept. 8 while atop Mauna Kea between the hours of 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. They were part of an ongoing protest to stop construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope at the summit of the mountain, which many Hawaiians believe to be sacred.

On October 9, a judge found that the state’s emergency rule was invalid, saying the state failed to provide reasoning to support its finding that the rule was necessary to prevent “imminent peril to the public health, safety, or morals, or to natural resources.”

source – HawaiiNewsNow

I have attached the footage taken by DLNR of the arrests they made. As you can see their is no aggressive restraint made by the protectors, as they were only practicing their rights as Native Hawaiians. Good to see these charges get dropped. Its not much, but this is a small step towards progression. Let us all continue to protect Mauna a Wākea & Defend Hawai’i!

Climate Change; Endemic Birds

Hawaii Island’s endemic bird populations have been pressured for centuries because of disease, habitat loss, predation and loss of prey.

According to recent work by biologists, Hawaii Island’s native bird populations could be threatened by climate change as rising temperatures and changes in rainfall have allowed disease-transmitting mosquitoes to thrive

The biologists also found that the iiwi bird, which lives at high elevations, is most susceptible to the changes. Birds in low- and mid-elevations saw less significant impacts of climate change.

Amakihi populations in Puna have demonstrated resistance to avian malaria


Let us keep this in mind that every action had a reaction. Right now Hawaii’s indigenous bird population is in the line of fire due to our carelessness as the care takers of the land. There isn’t much we can do about climate change besides being aware and spreading awareness. The more people that our conscious to all the issues that our Hawaiian islands under go, the more energy we will have to make an impacting change. Let us continue to spread awareness on issues like climate change, GMOs, Mauna Kea & so much more. Let us continue to Defend Hawaii!