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Lā Kūokoʻa

On this day, November 28th, Lā Kūokoʻa was recognized across the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi as a national holiday.


Lā Kūokoʻa signifies the day Timoteo Haʻalilio (1808-1844) received signatures from the French, British and United States declaring Hawaiʻi a sovereign independent nation.


Haʻalilio, with missionary William Richards along as his secretary, traveled through Mexico on foot and donkey to Washington D.C., where they met President John Tyler. President Tyler agreed to the intent of the proposed treaty. Haʻalilio and Richards, armed with his agreement, then went on to Europe, to Belgium, Paris, and London, where the treaty was finally signed. They returned to the United States to cement the U.S. agreement.


Timoteo Haʻalilio gave his life for this journey of independence, and died while on the final leg of his voyage before returning home to his beloved Hawaii, on December 3, 1844. Mahalo pau ʻole, to this brave man and warrior who brought us independence.


Defend Hawai’i connected with @manaai for an up close & personal insight into living a life of sustĀINAbility.

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Daniel Anthony took us on tour of his farm & facilities giving us a breakdown of how, when & why he became a practitioner of sustĀINAble living. Mana Ai provides consumers with a healthy, sustainable alternative, called paiai, to gluten, soy, dairy, and GMO products.

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This coming Friday or Green Friday as we like to call it, will be the launch of our sustĀINAbility collection, curated by the folks of Mana Ai & Team Defend Hawai’i . Stay tuned for #GreenFriday, continue to #DefendHawaii & take part in living a life of #sustĀINAbility.


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Defend Hawai’i Green Friday

Releasing this Friday is a special collaboration we did with Daniel Anthony & Mana Ai. It’s all about sustAINAbility this year & perpetuating the Hawaiian practice of Paiai.

The quality of not being harmful to Hawaii’s environment or depleting natural resources of our ‘aina, and therby supporting long-term ecological balance.




We will be releasing 3 exclusive designs on men’s t-shirts available from sizes Small – 3X + new headwear & lanyards to match.


Paiai & Poi
After steaming and cleaning the corm, taro is pounded with the least amount of water on a wooden board, papa kuiai, using a stone pestle, pohaku kuiai. The starch molecules are crushed, forming a gummy mass of broke-da-mouth awesomeness fit for travel and long-term storage. When the Native Hawaiians navigated by canoe throughout the Pacific, they were able to survive off fish from the sea and paiai. By crushing the starch molecules, the substance begins to ferment in a process not unlike the production of sauerkraut, kimchee, cheese, or daikon. All of these fermented foods rely on the beneficial bacteria lactobascillus. This beneficial bacterium, naturally found in our intestinal tract, has been linked with fighting cancer and staving off the onset of rot and the growth of harmful bacteria.

The difference between paiai and poi is water content. Paiai is undiluted poi, while poi is diluted paiai. Both are, however, super-foods with more than 1000 years of preparation and taste buds behind them.

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