Fishing is an art and a valuable resource to those seeking insight to Hawaii’s past. In Ancient Hawai’i, Hawaiians possessed a fundamental relationship with the sea. It brought their ancestors to the islands and provided an abundance of sustenance to Hawaii’s people.

Lawai’a, or Hawaiian Fisherman, was a honored profession and a valued asset to the community. They maintained an intimate connection with the sea, acquiring proficiency in lunar cycles and honing their skills to predict fish locations, spear fish, and set traps. Competition amongst lawai’a was fierce, and far travel from island to island was sometimes necessary to find enough food to feed their villages.

The many proverbs and tales of Ancient Hawaiians attest to how vital fishing was to Hawaii’s people. Lawai’a developed a myriad of tools and techniques that are still used today. Please join us in honoring those who continue to carry on these same values and traditions for their own families and communities.

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