2nd Annual Free The Plant

EVENT: 2nd Annual Free The Plant Fest

LOCATION: 3280 Round Top Drive

DATE: Saturday May 21, 2016 12N-7PM

GENERAL ADMISSION: $30 at the Door

Smokey’s Pipe and Coffee presents The 2nd Annual Free The Plant Fest ~ Hawaii’s Premier 4-20 Lifestyle Event featuring live entertainment, vendor booths, information on medical Cannabis in Hawaii and theHawaii Medical Cannabis Challenge awards.

Medical Cannabis Dispensaries set to open in Hawaii later this year and the Free The Plantorganizers are excited to engage the public to support Hawaii’s growing medical cannabis movement. Free The Plant will have 329 card-friendly businesses and organizations in attendance providing education, apparel, products, hand on demonstrations and more. It will be a great opportunity for 329 card holders and those interested in medical Cannabis to come together and network in a safe and conducive environment.

There is still a long road ahead in changing Hawaii’s laws and overcoming the stereotype of Cannabis abuse in Hawaii. You can help the local Cannabis movement by doing your part in talking with your respective legislators and testifying on bills that affect you. Change is the result of educated decision making.




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