Arts in Motion X

With the return of our Arts In Motion series, we would like to introduce you all to Malu States. An aspiring musician who’s in a contest right now for his music and needs the help of the people to take him to the next level. You can watch one of his songs below or visit Songwriter.

Maluhia comes from a family of 11. He spent his childhood in Kauai spear fishing at Anini beach, jumping off of Hanalei pier, and chasing wild chickens around his yard in Kapa’a. He started playing the ukulele at age 6 and his older brother wouldn’t let him out of his room until he would get the songs he was practicing down perfectly. By the time he was 16, he was teaching himself how to play the guitar and writing songs about the things he was experiencing in life. After years of writing, he entered his first competition for sing-songwriters in October 2016. Like his music, wearing Defend Hawaii apparel is a way he expresses what he truly cares about. A mixture of ethnicities, he identifies most with his Hawaiian roots. With interests in all things Hawaiian, especially the music, language, history, and food (of course), Malu believes that protecting the Hawaiian Culture is a big part of being able to say that he’s Hawaiian click now.

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