“Best On The Block” Round 2 Recap


This past Saturday, we were participating in the ‘Best On The Block” Tattoo Artist Contest. Brought to you by Cycle City Hawaii, Defend Hawaii, Full Throttle Tattoo & the 2015 Pacific Ink & Art Expo. The event took place @ Cycle City Hawaii from 2-7.SONY DSC SONY DSC


For this contest, we had 5 (instead of 4) extremely talented Tattoo Artist compete against time and each other for a chance to win $1000 in cash & prizes, a Defend Hawaii design contract plus a guaranteed spot in the PIAE Tattoo Artist Contest being held on August 8th.

SONY DSC(All 5 respective artist randomly pick their canvases)

The Best On The Block event hosted by Cycle City Hawaii is more than just a Tattoo event. There were special give aways, free food brought to you by Doraku, music and motorcycles. What can get better then that? Mahalo to everyone who showed up to support Round 2 of the Best On The Block.



Defend Hawaii had to pick 2 of the 5 artists to compete in Round 2. Our 2 artists were Jason Liu of Rock Star Tattoo in Waikiki & Richie Lucero of Black Cat Tattoo. Mahalo to both Jason and Richie for representing Defend Hawaii and your shops this past weekend.


“My name is Richie Lucero. I was born and raised in Hawaii, I’ve been doing art all my life and tattooing for 11 years. I am the owner of black cat tattoo studio and art gallery in downtown Honolulu.”


“Jason Liu is a 44 year old art graduate from China and a talented, new and rising tattoo artist at Rock Star Tattoo in Waikiki! He’s been in the art industry for over 15 years with specialties  in oil and acrylic paintings.  For the past two years he’s funneled that natural talent and experience into the art of tattooing. His tattooing specialities include classical Asian, water color, realism and black/grey tattoos.”


SONY DSCMike Higuchi of Banzai Tattoo & Billy Whitney of 808 Tattoo were the amazing judges for this past weekends Best On The Block Tattoo Artist Contest. 
SONY DSC SONY DSCJason getting things rolling on his canvas.
SONY DSCRichie in the zone going for the W!
SONY DSCRichie rocking the brand new Defer x Soker x Defend Hawaii collaboration t-shirt, made specifically for Round 2 of the "Best On The Block" Tattoo Artist Contest. 
SONY DSCSONY DSCJason Liu & his canvas Brett
SONY DSCRichie Lucero & his canvas Levi

Once the artist were all complete with their pieces the judges tallied up their scores to bring us the Winner for this past weekends contest. Drum roll please……..

SONY DSC SONY DSCCongratulations RICHIE LUCERO! Mahalo for competing in this past weekends “Best On The Block” contest. You showcased you’re hard work and dedication to your craft this past Saturday. Stoked to work with you more in the future and we will see you at the Pacific Ink & Expo this August! Continue to create art and always Defend Hawaii!


Round 3 for the ‘Best On The Block” Tattoo Artist contest will be held on August 1st @ Cycle City Hawaii. This time the category will be “Polynesian” specialized tattoos. If you are an artist or know of any artist that would be interested in this contest, please submit all info and artwork to contact@defendhawaii.com

That is is for the Round 2 Recap. Until next time ohana, continue to support our local artists and always Defend Hawaii!




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