Best on the Block Week 1 Recap

11535886_711642272274969_550234328848250598_nThis past weekend @ Cycle City was the first week of the Best On The Block Tattoo Artist Contest. 4 Tattoo Artists that specialized in American Traditional Tattoos competed against time and each other. Given their criteria and rules the moment of the contest only 1 could emerge as the victor.

IMG_0147We got things started bright and early, setting up the brand new Defend Hawaii Pop-Up tent.

IMG_0149Boss man setting up the banners before we set things off!

Best on the Block 06.20 Above are the 4 Artists that got selected for the American Traditional Category. Each artist brought something unique to the table and show offed their skills impressively.

IMG_0228Lil Chris was 1 of the 4 artists to bless the competition.

FullSizeRenderLil Chris getting his canvas ready!IMG_0224The final product completed by Lil Chris

IMG_0229Brian Rios was 1 of the 2 artists that were selected by us here @ Defend Hawaii.

IMG_0174Brian in the zone, envisioning his masterpiece.IMG_0226The final product completed by Brian Rios

IMG_0227The 2 artist to get selected by the Defend Hawaii team was tattoo artist Keir aka Unomaser

IMG_0173Tunnel Vision. Unomaser is focused and going for the win

FullSizeRendersThe final product completed by Unomaser

IMG_0230The 4th Tattoo Artist that was selected was the elegant Lydia.IMG_0182Lydia gets things started off right rocking that Defend Hawaii lanyard! IMG_0225The final product completed by Lydia


IMG_0207And the Winner for the first “Best On The Block” tattoo artist contest was Lydia. Congratulations Girl! Continue to pursue your career as an artist and continue to represent!

That concludes the first “Best On The Block” contest. The next contest will be July 11th, this time the artist will have to specialize in Japanese style tattoos. Be on the look out as we continue to promote for the upcoming contest. And if you or know anyone that would fit well in this contest. Send them over this way!


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