Buy local, by locals. A phrase to live by especially here in Hawai’i. With so many outside influence and traffic coming to our islands it can be easy to get lost in the mix or caught up in the hype. A part of the Defend Hawai’i mission is to #SupportLocal, whether it’s printing locally, providing employment opportunities for local people, supporting local events, keeping the revenue circulating within the community & so forth.

We pride ourselves on creating content relatable to our islands history, culture & lifestyle. Innovative designs or sayings used to perpetuate our culture through high fashion. We never tend to exploit or “pimp” our islands inspiration for the sake of monetary gain or social clout. We aren’t saying other locally owned and operated companies do. What we are saying is we do know there are brands or organizations here in Hawai’i that don’t have the “Buy Local, By Local” mentallity, nor are they from here or plan on keeping the fruits of their labor here circulating through the islands.

We shouldn’t judge nor complain about these acts but the veil needs to be lifted and the people should all know who is really using Hawaiiana inspired art for the betterment of the community or who’s using it to make a profit of the locals.

Supporting local is a key factor to a prospering community. The more we support each other within our communities the greater we all become. Let us all push each other forward and progress. Buy local, by locals!

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