Couple: Thieves stole their car, used it to commit more crimes


More than $2,000 of gear was stolen from a Honolulu musician overnight, along with his pregnant girlfriend’s SUV — and the couple says they later learned the vehicle was used to commit more crimes.

The 2014 Ford Edge was stolen from an apartment complex off Vineyard Boulevard sometime between 7 p.m. Monday and 7 a.m. Tuesday, when police came knocking.

“We were pretty surprised when we went out and realized the car was gone, and then he informed us about how it was being used to drive around and burglarize homes,” said Sani Apuakehau, a musician who is also a Honolulu firefighter.

Apuakehau and his girlfriend, Tyana Tamanaha, were stunned — especially when they realized the officer initially suspected they might be involved.

“At first I felt like he thought it was me,” said Tamanaha, who is nine months pregnant.

However, she says it quickly became clear to the officer they had been home in bed with their 5-year-old son when the crime spree was happening.

“I’m sure he could tell that we were totally in shock that the car was gone and of course, it wasn’t us burglarizing homes,” Apuakehau said.

Tamanaha added, “It went from catching the bad guy to oh no, let’s help them find their car.”

According to the couple, police officers told them multiple calls came in last night with a description of the SUV being used in crimes from Kaimuki to Aina Haina.

Police could confirm they are investigating at least one burglary.

“Nobody wants to hear that their car was stolen first of all — and then to find out that somebody was using it as a tool to go do more bad stuff is frustrating,” Apuakehau said.

The SUV is still missing, along with nearly everything inside, which includes more than $2,000 worth of gear Apuakehau needs for his music gigs.

“This is not a laughing matter. This is people’s livelihoods that they’re messing with. Of course, it is material things and those things can be replaced, but at the same time, we need our vehicle. We need the stuff that was in it,” Apuakehau said.

Police did recover a car seat, which they told the couple was found in Aina Haina, but nothing else, including a stroller they’ll need when baby arrives.

“Baby is due June 11. Well, any day now. Any week now,” said Tamanaha.


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