Defend Hawai’i Now???

Have you seen this new political ad?

It seems to be a pro-Hanabusa commercial, but with politics, can we ever be sure? However, at the end, it says the ad is paid for by an organization called “Defend Hawaii Now”, AND WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH THEM. Defend Hawaii Now is not even a legitimate business entity in Hawai’i.
It’s even MORE strange that their PO Box is located in the same city as ours!
We have received emails and phone calls inquiring about our involvement, and we feel infringed upon. NO PERMISSIONS were given to use Defend Hawai’i in this advertisement.
Definitely keep posted with us, because we WILL get to the bottom of this!
Again, WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED TO #DefendHawaiiNow
This is a reminder, that each of us need to take the time to find out who our candidates are, learn what they support, get registered to vote, and VOTE!!
Who’s REALLY Defending Hawai’i NOW?!?!

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