Defend Mauna Kea



Dozens of people gathered Thursday to try to put a stop to the start of construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea. The telescope should not be built on land considered sacred to Native Hawaiians.




Let us take a visit into the past, approximately around October of last year. (video below courtesy of Big Island Video News)

Its time we take a stand!!!

Divide and conquer is the way of the oppressor.. $$$ Local police were told they would lose their jobs if they wouldn’t arrest their own people and ohana?!?!? THE MAUNA KEA TELESCOPE THEY WANT TO BUILD IS 8 ACRES, 7 METERS DEEP. 18 STORIES HIGH?!?!? Does that sound right for the most sacred mountain in the world and a holy grail for Hawaiians?!






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