Defend the Sacred 2017

President Donald Trump used his second weekday in office to sign memoranda aimed at advancing the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, which pleased supporters of the projects and brought immediate condemnation from environmentalists and other opponents. cialis 10mg tadalafil online

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We stand with the people of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. This is nothing more than a Corporation interested in sheer profit going up against culture and the environment. According to Trump, this will create jobs. Sure they will, temporarily. Once the construction and damage have been done, you’ll have temporary workers taking care of a permanent stream of profit that only the corporations’ owners will benefit off of. It seems as Mr. President doesn’t believe Native Lands Matter nor the environment.  cialis 800mg tadalafil buy uk

We wish all the tribes and people who are dedicating their time, energy and spirit the best of luck & continue fighting the good fight. We will prevail, Defend the Sacred!

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