Defend your homes & your loved ones

  Remember back in our tutus days, when we could run around the neighborhood leaving the front door open? Or when papa could leave us in the car with the doors unlocked as he ran into Time’s Supermarket real quick to grab some poke? Those were the days and sadly those days have changed.

  Over the past year, the aloha in our beautiful state has dramatically decreased. Popping up more and more are the stories of home invasions, kidnappings & downright pilau crimes. Many of you may have been affected, know someone who’s been affected or simply heard of the stories from family, friends or even the news. Where has the aloha gone? Where has the respect for the community dissipated too? With crime rates rising, and the cost of living here on the islands increasing, the correlation is clear. From Oahu to Big Island and in between, locals are being pushed to the limit and it’s only affecting our communities in a negative way.

  What can we do to prevent further crimes from happening on our islands and in our communities? The solution isn’t clear but each one of us can do our part even if it’s just watching out for our neighbors, contacting the proper authority for any suspicious activity, helping out those in need & showing aloha wherever we go. Another step we all can do towards a safer living is making sure our homes are properly secured and protected. From a compatible alarm system like the one’s APN Alarms offer or even a reliable, family friendly, security bred Belgian Malinois like the ones our good friends over at Defend Kennels offer.

    Defend Kennels is located on Oahu and they specialize in breeding quality Belgian Malinois from 1st generation European lines in Hawai’i. The Belgian Malinois is a protective guard dog fit & reliable for keeping your home safe and secure. They are also loyal, perfect for companionship and keeping around the ohana.

Visit for more information how on who can get your own Belgian Malinois for you and the ohana. Keep your ohana safe, keep your property secure & ease your mind. Defend your homes, your loved ones & #DefendHawaii.


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