Holloway Express : UFC 231 The Blessed Era

  This past Saturday, December 8th, 2018, was the moment Hawaiians and MMA Fans across the world have been waiting for. Max “Blessed” Holloway returned to the octagon after a 1-year hiatus, to defend his belt and face the opponent the UFC & Media were championing during his absence. 

  UFC 231 took place in Toronto, Canada which is now dubbed the 10th island thanks to Max. It was an amazing card, from prelims to the pay-per view. But we were all waiting for one fight. We were all waiting to witness history. We were all waiting to see Waianae’s son Max show the world why he deserves be put up there with the greats. Why we as Hawaiians are known for our culture. We were waiting for the pride of Hawai’i to have his hands raised and hear those magical words “AND STILL!”. 

The moment had come. Everyone gathered around their televisions from Waianae to Hawai’i Kai, from Kauai to the Big Island. Hawai’i was tuned in and we were anxious. We got to witness this 27 year old Hawaiian prove to the world that he’s no joke. Dominating Brian Ortega round after round until a late 4th round stoppage called by the official ring side Doctor.

Salute to Ortega but it’s the Blessed Era. Congratulations Max, Hawai’i is proud of you and for those who didn’t know, know now. Continue working hard, being an inspiration to the youth and representing for Hawai’i on the biggest of stages. 

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