Ku Kia’i Mauna – UH Manoa Rally


This past Friday April 10, 2015 @ UH Manoa, 1000+ people showed up in support of standing up for Mauna Kea. Forming a line from Kanewai to Bachman Lawn to pass Pohaku for Ahu. It was a heavy and cultural experience that had to be witnessed. I attempted to capture the rally but ended up getting involved and helping pass Pohaku for Ahu. Below are photos that I did capture from this past Fridays Rally. Big ups to all the individuals who came out in support to stand up for Mauna Kea and our culture.


Team Defend Hawaii passes Pohaku one by one to each other while in line for the UH Manoa Rally.


Many people came out in support, to show the mana instilled in our culture and the preservation of our sacred lands.


Defend Hawaii ohana; Tanoai Reed, was in attendance supporting and helping protect Mauna Kea.

IMG_6639 IMG_6632

Local Reggae Artists the L81Z helped with the Rally and passed Pohaku for Ahu.


A young Kanaka representing his culture and speaking up for his people this past Friday at the UH Rally.


It was good to see Uncle Walter Ritte  in attendacne, one of the most recognized native Hawaiian educators of our time. If you don’t know who he is, stop what your’e doing and learn more on him now!


Shaelene Kamaka’ala was at the Rally this past Friday. If you didn’t know, Shae is responsible for starting up the Protect Mauna Kea Petition. She is not only one of the legal enforcers for the Mauna Kea Movement but many other native hawaiian issues we are dealing with today. If you have yet to sign the petition visit this link now http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/protect-mauna-kea-stop.

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Some photos capturing the men who volunteered to stack the Pohaku for Ahu.



Hawaii’s future standing up to protect Mauna Kea and Defend Hawaii!

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