Mauna a Wākea update..

The County of Hawaii on Tuesday announced it will not prosecute seven people who were accused of violating the state’s emergency rule that made it illegal to be on Mauna Kea in the overnight hours.

The group, represented by the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation, was arrested on Sept. 8 while atop Mauna Kea between the hours of 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. They were part of an ongoing protest to stop construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope at the summit of the mountain, which many Hawaiians believe to be sacred.

On October 9, a judge found that the state’s emergency rule was invalid, saying the state failed to provide reasoning to support its finding that the rule was necessary to prevent “imminent peril to the public health, safety, or morals, or to natural resources.”

source – HawaiiNewsNow

I have attached the footage taken by DLNR of the arrests they made. As you can see their is no aggressive restraint made by the protectors, as they were only practicing their rights as Native Hawaiians. Good to see these charges get dropped. Its not much, but this is a small step towards progression. Let us all continue to protect Mauna a Wākea & Defend Hawai’i!

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