Max Holloway Stepping Up To The Plate

  With less than a week of preparation, Hawaii’s own Max Holloway is ready to step up to the plate and face Khabib Nurmagomedov @ UFC 223 on Saturday in Brooklyn, NYC.

  Max Holloway is stepping up in weight class as a last-minute replacement to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov for the official 155-pound lightweight title. Tony Ferguson had to bow out of the main event due to an untimely and unlikely injury & president Dana White was able to bring in Holloway as an acceptable fill-in at such late notice

  This morning in an interview with Ariel Helwani and The MMA HOUR, Khabib states that if he were in Max’s position he would’ve never have taken the fight. He also believes Max is only taking this fight for “the money”. Well first off Khabib, you’re not Max Holloway & you’re sadly mistaken on why Max Holloway has taken this fight. Of course, a paycheck is always good especially when you’re living in the 808 the bills must be paid, but there is much more to this then it seems.

  Max has the opportunity to make history & represent for Hawai’i like never before. There is a good chance that Max could rise to the occasion and become the champ in two divisions simultaneously and show the world Hawaiians ain’t nothing to mess with. With only 6 days to prepare, Max is showcasing the warrior spirit that has been instilled in our bloodlines & culture for centuries. Showing nothing but fearlessness and determination. 

  Khabib wants to talk about legacy, well nothing says more about a fighters legacy than his dedication to his craft and love for the sport. Us Hawaiians are born fighting. 6 months, 6 days, it’s all the same. Max is going to go in there like he’s been preparing for months. He’s a professional, he’s a fighter, he’s a Hawaiian.

  Win or lose, it is Max everybody will be talking about. He’ll either be the 155 lbs Champ or the man that stepped up to the plate to stare adversity in the face. So Khabib, don’t be so quick to assume you know Max’s intentions. Just assume that Max is ready as ever to take your head off. 

  We will all be tuning into UFC 223 for one reason only. To support the Champion and Hawaiian, Max Holloway. We are rooting for you in all aspects Max, we are proud that you’re representing Hawai’i to the fullest. Chee, lets go! It’s BLESSED ERA!

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