Native Lands Matter


  Aloha Ohana, we would like to introduce the new “Native Lands” design. Helping spread awareness to the on-going disrespect Corporations and our Government show to the Native Hawaiian & Native American communities as well as indigenous cultures across the globe. how to get real cialis

A cause Native Hawaiians have been fighting for, for a long time. From the illegal occupation of 1893 to preserving sacred Mauna Kea. This has been an on-going mission to preserve the culture and respect the relationship between man and nature but corporate greed and the disconnect from the land cause turmoil amongst the people. legal buy viagra australia

In the times we live in, we have become consumed with our daily lives & personal struggles. Submerged in a world that never stops it can become easy to fall asleep to the issues that don’t affect us directly & immediately. That’s why being aware and spreading awareness is a powerful tool. Not everyone can be there at every fight but if you are we salute you. cialis compare discount price

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