Pacific Ink & Art Expo Recap


This past weekend, the 2015 Pacific Ink & Art Expo took place at the Blaisdell Center. A 3 day event that showcased the greatest tattoo artists from around the world and more. Food, entertainment, tattoos, beautiful people, what gets better than that?

I got to cover the final day of the Pacific Ink & Art Expo, enjoy the small recap of what went on this past weekend during Hawaii’s biggest Tattoo Expo.


We were posted up from Friday – Sunday with some awesome exclusive releases like the Defend Hawaii x Keone Nunes collaborations that are now available at



IMG_8361 IMG_8352 IMG_8348

Keone Nunes and ohana held it down for the Hawaiian culture as they always do. P?uhi Pu’u ‘O Hulu, is the sole reason for the re-birth of the ancient tradition of Hawaiian Kakau.



Honey Bunch of 808 Tattoo does her thing with a smile on her face


Good to see Kevin of Loyalty Tattoo at the Expo. He is one of the men responsible for making the PIAE come to life. Mahalo for everything you’re doing.

IMG_8315Caught this young gentleman rocking our exclusive “Iwi Po’o” snapback that has only been released at the Hawaii Tattoo Expo. Be on the look out for its official release.

IMG_8332Richie of Black Cat Tattoo doing his thing putting in that work. Richie was also the winner for Round 2 of the “Best On The Block”. Be sure to follow this artist as he represents for Hawaii!

IMG_8335Kawika of Loyalty Tattoo is in the zone working on this side piece. If you didn’t know Kawika was 1 of 5 artist to compete in Round 3 of the “Best On The Block”competition. Keep on keeping on Kaweeks!

IMG_8366A young defender gazes upon the canvases and artists rocking our “Wild Rebel” raglan.

IMG_8342 IMG_8343

Our fam Q out of House Of Ink been putting in work for a long time and he aint stopping anytime soon. Q was also the winner of Round 3 of the “Best On The Block” competition.


3 legends 1 picture.

And thats that for this years Pacific Ink & Art Expo. This recap is nothing compared to the actual madness the Expo manifested. You had to be there to fully experience the cultural movement. Until next year, we hope you all have a good one and remember to always Defend Hawaii!



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