Best on the Block


The “Best on the Block” SUMMER TATTOO SERIES hosted by PIAE | Full Throttle Tattoo & Cycle City features the best tattoo artists in their respective style and element all in one location competing for a prize purse of $1000 cold hard cash + prizes!

Each month of summer represents a new tattoo genre in which we are throwing a big party featuring food and culture that relates to that genre ALL FOR FREE! This entire event is a lead up to the Pacific Ink & Art Expo in which a grand prize winner at the show will receive $5000 and here’s how it works!

JUNE 20th: As American as apple pie and the statue of liberty, we put the best tattoo artists in the Americana / Traditional skillets in one room battling it out against one another as the clock races down. One winner goes home with $1000 in pocket and bragging rights along with some sweet prizes. The public gets to come down for FREE and the first 150 people get FREE FOOD. BBQ style in good old american fashion. Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and soft drinks. Did we mention there will be some sampling of delicious liquor and beer from the Coors & Miller Ohana as well as Sailor Jerry Rum? We also may have forgot to mention there will be a rock band rocking your socks while this all goes down. So yeah… you better tell a friend and bring 5 cause this is gonna rock.

TATTOO SHOW OFF COMPETITION: Do you have a traditional tattoo? Bring it on down because YOU CAN WIN TOO! Our sponsors will be giving away gift bags with cool swag to take home and you will be featured online and in our hearts!



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