This will be a series for the year with more than a handful of limited products, changing each quilt design from drop to drop.

The history behind the Hawaiian quilts goes deep, well before the 1900’s. Fortunately many of these intriguing quilts have survived as they were only used for special occasions and then passed on from generation to generation. Inspiration for many of the designs on these quilts came from the natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. The use of curved lines and plant like motifs resulted in an intricate, organic composition that was often based on local vegetables or flowers including interesting leaf patterns.
We’ve merely simplified some of the patterns while putting them into vector format, to showcase handpicked prints that we enjoyed, to be created in our version of stitch and print to fabric.
We hope to bring light to a local generational pastime, and carry on Hawaii legacy through our platform.
#ALOHALIFE #DefendHawaii
Releasing 5/24, online @ shop.defendhawaii.com & in select stores is the brand new “Quilted Lehua” Snapback.

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