Tattoo Artist Contest Round 2!

TATTOO CONTEST JAPAN 2Our first one in June was a hit! We started off with american traditional tattoo and now we are onto our next event. Japanese Traditional!

4 artists will once again battle head to head in a chance to win $1000 Cash + Prizes from our awesome sponsors Cycle City Ltd. Defend Hawaii HI Renaissance Tattoo & Supply and Eternal Ink

4 Lucky people will be given FREE tattoos! These tattoos will be decided by a team and then chosen from a hat. They person getting them does not get to pick the tattoo however the do get to choose placement.

As always the 1st 150 people will be fed FREE food which will be Japanese / Asian style. There will be geisha girls and a japanese punk rock band to get you into your ninja mode.

Come down, its all FREE. Celebrate tattoo culture with us, check out some sweet rides and enjoy a day with like minded people from 2pm – 7pm


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