Terrorist Bombings Strike Brussels, Belgium

More than 30 people are dead and more than 200 wounded after explosions occurred in Brussels during Tuesday morning rush hour. 2 blasts struck the airport while the 3rd bombing struck at a metro station. 

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks. In a statement, a group that is linked to militant extremists, blames Belgium for participating in the fight against terrorist and later stated that several of their soldiers detonated explosives at the airport and train station. 

It’s sad to hear this kind of tragic news, from half a world away. With Hawaii being the melting pot of ethnicities, it is very common for someone to relate to these events that are happening around the world. Hawaii, having a variety of ethnicities also makes us stronger. Being a small island chain, we can only depend on each other and ourselves. Tragic events like these will only make us stronger in unity. 

Below is a link to get the full recap of the attack.

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