Throwback Thursday – Keone Nunes

Today is our first Throwback Thursday segment. For our first segment we will be throwing it back to the Pacific Ink & Art Expo that happened this past August. We will be focusing on Keone Nunes a Traditonal Kakau Artist that has helped revive the art of Traditional Kakau in the Hawaiian islands.IMG_8298

Defend Hawaii was able to collaborate with the world renown artist on two unique and exclusive designs. First we had the “Maka Uhi”, a portrait oh Keli’i Makua (an apprentice of Keones) after a finished session around his left eye.

(Below is a photo of Keli’i Makua)

IMG_8369The final design by Keone Nunes was the “Alaka’i”. A unique pattern hand drawn by Keone.

We have put together a short recap of Keone during the Pacific Ink & Art Expo available for your viewing below.

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