Wayne Herbert Kalei Wills Jr.

Aloha Friends & Ohana,

As we know losing someone is hard enough emotionally, but also taxing financially.  To help with this burden we often offer emotional support, food, flowers, man power, or just about anything we can to help friends and families cope with their loss. Recently we lost one of our closest friends.  To help in our own small way we thought a quick tribute tee with one of his trademark sayings would be fitting. This tee will be available for pre-sale purchase until 10/21/16. A small remembrance for a loved one but also to kokua some of the cost associated with laying someone to rest. Please take a moment if you can to visit the link in our bio. All proceeds will go directly to the family of Wayne Herbert Kalei Wills Jr. We will be shipping orders in 2 waves. If you will be attending the ceremony in Kona on 10/16/16 and would like it for that event please send a DM. On behalf of Kalei’s Ohana we would like to mahalo you for your kindness. ALOHA-

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