Hau`oli la Hanau Queen Lydia Liliuokalani



Queen Liliuokalani in a black dress Hawaiian Monarchy Hawaii

 Lydia Liliʻu Loloku Walania Wewehi Kamakaʻeha, was the last monarch and only queen regnant of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Born (September 2, 1838 – November 11, 1917) today we honor the queen as we are forever indebted to her cause and impact for the native people of Hawaii.


Support Local Athletes V

  Aloha ohana, welcome to another week of our #SupportLocalAthletes excerpt. Its a full time position trying to keep an eye on all the talent our islands possess, all while balancing my other responsibilities. But something within me told me to speak on a particular concept in regards to the recent athletes and coaches we have lost this past week. Death is a tragedy & I send only the most sincere condolences to the families that are dealing with their recent loss. As much as it is a tragedy, it could be seen as a blessing, a lesson. At the end of every dark tunnel is a light that shines. I only say this because I too have had to cope with the loss of a dear friend, an athlete, a free spirit, a person who has made a mark on my life. The other day I was scrolling through Twitter, I stumbled upon students from Farrington reaching out to the students of Moanalua. Letting them know how they feel for their loss & only hope for the best. Both schools are dealing with a loss of someone that will forever make an impact on their lives, but to see students, young athletes, supporting each other, showing aloha, compassion & empathy to one another is not a tragedy, despite the events that had to take place. The youth is our future and they will pass on the lessons taught to them by Edward “Skippa” Diaz, they will forever remember the smile from Leighton Mow. Parents, Ohana, friends, peers, coaches, teachers, everyone, will remember these souls and the impact they have made within their community. Once again, God bless all the families that have been moved by these recent events, stay strong and don’t lose fait, never forget the impact these individuals have made. With the power of aloha, they will live on forever. This is all I have to say for this weeks #SupportLocalAthletes excerpt, a little different but much needed. Until next week, live with aloha and always Defend Hawaii! 

Weekend Recap IV

What an exciting weekend, local boy Yancy Medeiros defeats Damon Jackson in UFC 177 with an unusual choke. Putting Yancey with a professional record of (10-2 MMA, 1-2 UFC). Yancy Medeiros capitalized when Jackson, anxious to take the bout to the ground, exposed his neck and offered up a submission opportunity. Congratulations Yancy, keep making Hawaii proud!

MMA: UFC 177-Medeiros vs Jackson




This past weekend our own University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors faced off against the #25 ranked Washington Huskies. Even though our boys fell short of the victory, they sure did put a fight! Denying the Huskies any points during the 2nd half, the Warriors left the field with pride. A strong start for our football team this year despite all of the controversy and fuckery the UH staff and media  are stirring up. The game is about our boys putting in hard work and representing for Hawaii, let the old folks worry about the rest. Anyway, ending the game with a score of 17-16 with the Huskies pulling in the victory, its safe to say our Warriors came to play and came to Defend Hawaii. This weekend they will be playing Oregon State. Good Luck Hawaiians, we all believe in you!

Support Local Athletes IV

This weeks local athlete is not one, nor two people, but an entire team of dedicated women. We would like to congratulate Neko and the entire Deep Roots team for winning this past weekends Softball tournament in Molokai. The tournament was August 16th-18th held at Kaunakakai Molokai Regional Park. ASA Rules applied.

Being an athlete does not necessarily mean you need to be apart of a professional team or organization. Being an athlete means you have the hard work & determination to excel in however big or small the sport you play is. These women showcased that this past weekend & represented #DefendHawaii doing so. Thats how you support local everything. Local brands, local athletes, locals supporting locals. Once again we would like to congratulate team Deep Roots for the victory & thats it this week for our #SupportLocalAthletes segment. Until next time, keep supporting local & always Defend Hawaii


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